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Whether purchasing a dream car or a dream home, every big purchase signifies an enhanced lifestyle. Everyone wants to live a dream life having every comfort beside. Such transformational decisions require detailed research and improvisation. One of the big life decisions involves buying a house. You can get bad credit loans guaranteed approval.

Before seeking an affordable mortgage, an individual considers several aspects like location, budget, repayment budget, deposits, etc. This is in tune with other essential and unavoidable obligations and necessities like small loans, educational fees, subscription fees, food etc.

Buying a home was never so easy. But you can qualify for a mortgage at minimal requirements.

Lenders consider credit score before providing a personalized loan quote. This helps them to understand the borrower’s financial behavior. Bad credit loans guaranteed approval compromises a person’s ability of loan approval.

Lenders consider individuals with less-than-ideal credit as risky borrowers that may default on the mortgage. If your credit is good, you could get an affordable mortgage. That’s a fact. If you have bad credit, you still can get a mortgage.

Some lenders provide 100% mortgages for bad credit to such individuals. Explore and check the terms and conditions while applying for it. If you wish to buy a home with a bad credit score but a decent income, apply.

Income is the second most important parameter determining the mortgage amount you can get. It reveals the borrower’s ability to ensure a large upfront deposit. A large deposit automatically decreases the overall repayments and the interest rates.


Key Parameters A Lender Analyse Before Approving a Mortgage

When a lender thinks about lending you the money, he wants to validate the affordability thing. In this, your income and outgoings both play a considerable role.

Lenders analyze the below parameters to ensure that the borrower can afford the payments if the interest rates rise in the future. If you are looking for mortgage quotes with bad credit loans guaranteed approval history, the below parameters will help you optimize your credit profile and help you make the right decision:

a) Income

If you approach a lender at a less than ideal credit, meet the good income criteria. Income and stability in employment affect mortgage approval. Lenders look for steady income proof and the employment years before granting funds. Generally, a borrower should have at least 3 years of regular employment proof to secure the mortgage in the UK. Annual income above £30000 is the standard criteria to qualify for the mortgage.

How much mortgage amount you can borrow based on your income?

Lenders multiply your income by 4.5 times to provide an estimated amount one can borrow. This amount may differ as per the financial behavior of the individual. (For example – earnings and expenses.)

b) Outgoings

Lenders analyze the liabilities a borrower has before sanctioning the mortgage. It may include -rent, parenting costs, debt repayments, medical payments, etc. They ensure whether the borrower has enough margins between making repayments and meeting necessities.

It is why they consider the debt-to-income ratio while providing the mortgage. It is one of the critical parameters to buy a home with good income and bad credit loans guaranteed approval. If you have too many debts lined up, it may impact mortgage application approval.

c) Address history

Address proof is a critical factor in mortgage loan approval. To approach and confirm a mortgage, one should be a permanent resident of the UK. Therefore, while filling up personal details in the mortgage form, ensure you have a permanent UK address. It should align with that mentioned in the credit report.

Why Might I Have a Bad Credit Score?

Several reasons may prevent you from securing the mortgage deal you desire.  Delinquencies in a credit report are something that lenders deny the mortgage application for. Here are primary reasons for a bad credit score:

  • Incorrect information on the credit report
  • Too many missed payments
  • Series of credit checks
  • Unauthorized borrowings
  • Unsurmountable High-interest debts

4 Tips to Improve Prospects of Buying a Home with Bad Credit and Decent Income


Ideally, one should first optimize the credit score and then explore mortgage quotes from different lenders. Credit checks lead to a slight dip in credit scores. If you already have bad credit, it is important to wait until it improves. For an urgent mortgage with bad credit but good income, here is what you can do:

1) Analyse the mortgage approval credit score

You should be familiar with good and bad credit scores to qualify for a mortgage. A credit score below 600 is considered bad credit, and lenders do not provide mortgages at that score. Some lenders give mortgages with bad credit, but then they are costly. Analyze the 200 loan bad credit score, and watch whether you can improve it by paying off certain debts?

2) Demonstrate increased or stable income

One of the best ways to qualify for a mortgage with bad credit is by increasing or improving the income bracket. You can do so by:

  • Seeking ways to increase income by- part-time income sources, seek a promotion at a job,
  • Have salary proof, bank statements, and appointment letter as a confirmation
  • Ensure to have a good debt-to-income ratio. The ideal ratio is 70:30 ratio. You should ensure a profitable ratio- 70% income and 30 % expenses.’

3) Do not apply with multiple lenders

It is something that borrowers commit out of urgency and impatience. It is a misconception that applying for multiple lenders at a time will hasten the mortgage loan approval process or improve the probability of fetching a good mortgage deal. Instead, it hurts the guaranteed bad credit loans score significantly. Multiple credit karma checks prevent any lender from approving the loan. The best thing here to do is only check the terms and conditions and then apply with the one that your financial circumstances align with.

4) Pay off debts

Clear it if you have high-interest debts like payday loans, doorstep loans, personal loans, or unsecured loans. Payment history contributes to 35% of the loan approval criteria. If the lender analyses your consistency and dedication to paying off debts, he may consider your mortgage loan application. Do not make partial payments. It will hardly impact the credi or loan approval. To get guaranteed mortgages for bad bad credit loans urban bcl but good income in the UK, you should ensure the best combination of credit profile and income.

Bottom line

While looking and exploring mortgage quotes at bad credit experi and good income, analyze the above aspects. It is all about revealing and gaining the lender’s trust in repayments terms.

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